BHP Orange Run 2011

Wifey and me managed to just barely get ourselves signed up for the BHP Orange run today. We weren't intending to take part in this event and waited till the very last minute to go sign up. We were a little short of races this month cos two events have been postponed to a later date and this 11K race looked like a good bet :D

While it's only an 11K race and I practically do 10K's or more during my training runs, nothing beats the atmosphere of a race day, be it a 5K, a 10K or even a 21K. Race days are always different. I cannot describe the feeling I get when I run along thousands of other individuals who share the same passion I have. It is nothing at all like a training run.

Besides, all that training I do is meant to be put to action in whatever race I can find out there, right :D With that said and done, I'm looking forward to the race. I basically know the route and it looks good for some fast running. So, are you going?

P.S. If you buy 'empat nombor ekor' with those numbers and win, please share, ok? LOL!


  1. OK, will buy 4D and share with you if I win! LOL

    Have fun at the race.

  2. "I cannot describe the feeling I get when I run along thousands of other individuals who share the same passion I have."

    Surprisingly, I had the similar feeling standing inside the rally last Saturday ;)

    I will be in Seremban for another half marathon on 24 July. Still resting without any running now. Should starting back this weekend.

    Enjoy the race :)

  3. Neoh - We should have organized a Yellow run and just run there la, at least get some exercise in the process :D

    I'm too lazy to drive all the way there, might go for it next year though :D All the best, ya.

  4. Aha! A number for my father to buy... i must tell him soon. If he strike.. i will tell him to belanja you kopi la :) Have fun at the run both of you :)

  5. Anny - Kopi only? Aiyooo, no wonder Dommy thinks you're a cheapo ... hahaha!

  6. aiyo... ipoh kopi berry expensive ma.. and and... ipoh kopi is urmm.. priceless. All the kopitiam in KL.. tipu one la.. if they tell you that it is the same :p

  7. Anny - True, I've heard Ipoh coffee is awesome :D But you're still a cheapo like Dommy says la ... hahaha!


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